Saturday, April 26, 2008

#6-Dinner Date :-)

Well, there was a contest held between Dec 07 and Feb 08. It was a contest by Hypertune Magazine Malaysia and it was like you could win a dinner date with the Top 3 winners of the Ms. Hypertune pageant. It's only for Maxis/Hotlink subscribers. :-)
I won second place which was dinner with Natalie Fong.
Anyways, last Tuesday (22/04/2008) was the dinner and I went down to KL just for that.... :-)
It went well, a bit bored at first but it was alright.
Well, some pics from the dinner.

Appetiser, it was a combo of raw salmon, brinjal and mushrooms, I didn't like it.

Natalie Fong Jean
Penne & Cheese

Stuffed chicken with some potatoes.
Dessert-Not that sure what's the ingredients tho'

Natalie again.....
With Murali, Editor of Hypertune

Me & Natalie

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#5-Review of 1 Utama....WTF??

I'd like to talk about 1Utama. LOL.
I'm bored, just sitting and surfing the net at Starbucks.
Anyways, 1Utama is terribly big, it takes like 10minutes to walk from one end to the other.
And surprisingly, every time we're in KL, we will always go there. Even though we plan not to go, we somehow will go in the end.
There are a lot of shops at 1U.
It is served by two main department stores, U Parkson and Jusco. There are also several popular names here, like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, TGI Friday's, and Nando's. Well, there's the Mac City that I like, all Apple products, but ironically, I found a product that they're selling there, it's a MICROSOFT mouse. Bah, Microsoft product in an Apple Store.
There is like about more than a 1000 parking bays at 1U and there's also an adjoining hotel, One World Hotel.


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#4-Sittin @ Starbucks 1 Utama

Well, I reached KL about 3 hours ago and had lunch @ Canton-i 1U with my parents.
I'm now sitting alone in Starbucks typing this post and it's all good.
Anyways I'll post pictures of whatever I took today when I get back to my room at One World Hotel cause my USB cable for my camera is in my room and I've got free Internet connection there too :-)


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Monday, April 21, 2008

#3-My Gadgets

Celeste Amalie Alexandra - Green iPod shuffle 1GB Calleigh Aurelia Alexandra - Black iPod nano 8GB
Camille Alexa Alexandra - Black Sony Cybershot DSC-T9
Cornelia Avrila Alexandra - Sony Handycam DCR-SR65E
Charissma Alissa Alexandra - Cosmic Blue Motorola RAZR V3x

Charis Adrianah Alexandra - Sony Ericsson P1i
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#2-Going To KL in 9 hours..!!

Wasn't planning on going to KL actually.
It just happened that I won second place in the Hypertune magazine competition magazine which I took part in a couple of months ago.
And the dinner date would be tomorrow :-)
Suh-weeeettt!! Dinnerr with the gorgeous Natalie Fong.
Getting to KL even though for 2 days, 1 night satisfies me enough :-)
But I gotta study harder after this....aww...
Oh anyways, PHE25 will reach 10000km tomorrow, exactly 1 year and 1 month after collecting it at the dealership last year.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

#1-Life On 18/04/2008

For my first blog post, I shall talk about what happened in my life throughout the entire yesterday.

Well, let's see, for the first time in I'm not very sure how long, I wore long pants to school (I normally wear shorts).

Anyways, went to school and a lot and I mean a lot of people asked me why I was wearing long pants and all, they were all like shocked, even certain teachers asked.

Well, since it's a Friday, all of us went home at 12.30pm. After getting picked up in PBU25, me and my mum went to pick up a supposedly broken fan which was repaired.

And so after that, went home had some lunch, checked some e-mail, Facebook, blogs, youtube and usual stuff. Slept. Went to tuition after that @ 5p.m. Wow, and if I'm ever late for something, watch my mum inch her way into every corner of the road in PHE25. Lol, yea, I'm exaggerating a lil' but my mum still does that but not to that extent.

After tuition, went home got ready to go out, with parents, of course. I like it when I get to go out with my parents rather than with friends, I've no idea, call me weird. LOL. Maybe it's the fact that if you go out with friends, you have to pay everything on your own, but if you go out with parents, your parents will pay for you? :-)

Went to Gurney Plaza as usual, for Kim Gary and a movie, which happens to be a pretty darn good 'un. It was Forbidden Kingdom, which starred Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Liu Yifei, and Michael Angarano. I give a rating of 7.5/10. And again, the benefits of going out with parents come in, we went for Premier Class. Suhhh-weeeeett!! Oh yea, and right before the movie, I noticed someone also using the same phone as me, a Sony Ericsson P1i. Now you don't get to see many people using the same phone as me :-)

Anyways, here are some pics from the Gurney outing.

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