Monday, June 30, 2008


It's Add Maths period right now and I'm feeling sleepy. I didn't get quite a good sleep last night. I slept at around 1.30am and woke up an hour later due to a stomachache. After that, I woke up numerous times and it took awhile for me to sleep after waking up. And NO, I did not watch the Euro 2008 finals match between Spain and Germany. Might catch a short nap before recess. Ciao!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

#82-European Escapade 2007 PT. 3 ~ ICEBAR COPENHAGEN

Last year, after the cruise ended, we decided to spend a couple of extra days staying back in Copenhagen, Denmark to walk around and shop and stuff like that. On the night before leaving for England, we decided to check out the famed ICEBAR chain. ICEBARs are actually bars which are totally made in ice, up till the cups and chairs and countertops. The original ICEBAR is in Sweden, that was where it all started. Now they have branches in both Stockholm and Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, Tokyo, Japan, London, England, Milan, Italy and Copenhagen, Denmark. We obviously went to the one in Copenhagen, like what the title suggests. The price of 150 Danish Kroners was well worth it and for that price, it comes with one free drink and a cape which is needed to enter the ICEBAR. One can visit the ICEBAR for a 45 minute period tops. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks served, there's the famous Absolut Vodka and the ABSOLUT ICEBAR drinks series. Here are the pictures, enjoy!



Me and the ICEBAR bartender.

Our juices in the ICEcups.


Seriously, the ICE is from all up north in Sweden.

My drink in the ICEcup.




HELP! I'm stuck in an ICEbottle.

Mi amor!

HELPPP!!! I'm still stuck in the ICEbottle.

Choices of Absolut vodka flavours.



Eatable cup?

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#81-New Audi A4 and Nissan Sylphy

The all-new B8 Audi A4 has been launched in Malaysia with a price of RM235,000 for the base 1.8TFSI model and RM260,000 for the S-Line 1.8TFSI model. Soon to be launched are the 3.2V6 and apparently the 2.0TDI model. The following pictures are from, an automotive blog which is quite prominent in Malaysia.

Front-end of the new Audi A4 with the sexy LED lights.

The radio functions on the MMI system in the new Audi A4.

Centre console of the new Audi A4.

Interior shot of the new Audi A4.

Rear-end of the new Audi A4.

The gorgeous meter cluster in the new Audi A4.

On the other hand, if you can't afford the price needed to pay for the Audi A4, there's a cheaper alternative in the form of the new Nissan Sylphy 2.0CVTC. It's priced at RM112,800 for the Comfort version and RM116,800 for the Luxury version.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

#80-Exploring photography with my Sony Ericsson P1i

Just playing with my phone's camera. Some random shots of my iPod shuffle and HUGE Body Glove pencil case.

iPod shuffle - Negative mode.

iPod shuffle - Solarization mode.

iPod shuffle - Sepia mode.

iPod shuffle - Black and White mode.

iPod shuffle - Normal mode.

HUGE pencil case - Negative mode.

HUGE pencil case - Solarization mode.

HUGE pencil case - Sepia mode.

HUGE pencil case - Black and White mode.

HUGE pencil case - Normal mode.

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#79-School Life 27/06/2008

I DID NOT sleep at all in school today. Yay! *cheers and claps and slaps his head*. LOL. Well, today's a short day, so, there was only three lessons in class, Add Maths, Modern Maths and Physics. Add Maths was as usual we learnt something regarding vectors and stuff, almost finished Chapter 4. Modern Maths was the same also except we finalised (Me, Siva, Jon and Lance) that our Maths teacher had bad English. A summary of her 'language' translated into real English;

etc. etc.

Hah. Mr Sim during Physics lesson just discussed the recent Physics paper with us. A summary of my marks,

Bahasa Malaysia-42
Modern Mathematics-53
Additional Mathematics-14
English for Science and Technology-81
Pendidikan Moral-32

Position in Class - 06/27


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#78-European Escapade 2007 PT. 2 ~ Cars in England

Video of pictures of cars that I took in England last year.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

#77-Seasons Ice Apple Tea

This drink is not available in Malaysia, and so far as I know, it's only on sale in Singapore. So, whenever I go to Singapore, I'll be bringin' a six-pack of this Apple Tea back.

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#76-Harvesting the Banana Plant...

Em, there's this Banana Plant at the rear garden of my house. It's of the 'Pisang Raja' variety and it was pretty much bearing some bananas, so I believe my mum asked the maids to chop part of the tree yesterday to get the bananas down to be separated and distributed among relatives and friends. So, I just snapped some photos before heading off to tuition.

The plant.

T.B.D (To Be Distributed)

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#75-Roller Coaster chips, Samurai Curry Flavoured

This is a fairly new product i've never seen before until I went to shop at Gama the other day. *hint* It does say Samurai Curry Flavour, but it ain't spicy at all.

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#74-Oreo Wafer Rolls, Vanilla Flavoured

This product has been out for quite some time now, it's just that I couldn't find it in any supermarkets that I have been so far. I did try the Chocolate flavoured version before and it isn't as good as the Vanilla version. Basically, it's the Oreo cookie rolled up to make a 'loveletter'. It's good, you should try it.

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#73-DAP Office, Burmah Road, Penang.

Just spotted this new DAP Office at a building along Burmah Road, near the junction of Gottlieb Road, Bagan Jermal Road and Burmah Road.
It's above McWheels Service Centre and in the same building as the Suzuki showroom.

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