Thursday, October 30, 2008

#246-Hey y'all!

Hey y'all!! Finally got time to do a blogpost. I just got back my phone, so I'm actually blogging on my phone now. So, to give you some updates on my past one week since my laptop was taken away, here it is.

On Monday the 20th, it was the day my lappie was taken out of the room. It was heart-breaking. Lol. XD. Had a haircut in the evening at my usual barber. At night, it was the 2nd last lesson for my English class with my grandaunt.

I did not go to school the next day. It was also the day I sent my phone in for the 2nd time for repairs. After that, I attended a mini-seminar more intended for school counselors and headmasters at the E&O hotel. There were only about 3 students including me at the seminar. It was about what you need and such to attend the top universities in England, hosted by an old friend and the principal of the Davies Laing and Dick college in London, Mr. David Lowe. The new fridge also came that day, about an hour after I got back from the seminar. At night, instead of attending BM class, I went for Chemistry instead due to the dinner I had to attend the next day.

22nd was another day of no school for me. Did some Add Maths revision at home. In the afternoon had an appointment/interview at ASA, my agent for college-hunting, with Mr. Lowe. It went well infact, lasting about 2 hours. In the evening, it was dinner with Mr. Lowe at Hainan Town at Weld Quay.

Won't blog about the 23rd. Nothing much happened on that day.

Ahh. I hit the big one-seven on the 24th. It was my birthday and everything went well on that day. Went for my last official day at St. Xaviers Instituition as a student as we Form 5ers and Upper Form 6ers have a 2 week study leave for the upcoming SPM/STPM exams. Cameras can be seen everywhere with almost everyone taking photos with their friends including me. I had alot of photos taken that day as memories. Sorry guys! Photos will only be up after the SPM! Mended a few relationships too. Oh and the scene during recess at the canteen was the liveliest one ever. A lot of jokes and such were being passed around. A group of Upper Form 6ers were having a mini-party. Hah. And it's a day where teachers can't take away our cameras. IT WAS LIKE THE BEST DAY OF SCHOOL EVERR!!!. IIn the evening, it was tuition as usual and my birthday dinner was later. Celebrated it at Chili's with my parents, brother, the maids, and my granduncle and grandaunt. Later, we adjourned back home for cake-cutting.

The weekends were the usual boring stuff, studying and such. Our old fridge was taken away on Saturday after serving us for a good 17years.

Monday, Tuesday and yesterday was again, normal and nothing much happened. Got my phone back yesterday right after Chemistry class.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

#245-Happy 17th Birthday to Me!!

It's my birthday! I'm 17! I can get my car driving license! Lalalalala......

Happy birthday to me and everyone else who was born on the 24th of October!


If it's my birthday, it's yours too! Share the love!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

#244-Won't be online so frequent anymore

Hey all, my laptop has just been taken out of my room, so don't expect alot of updates until after the SPM has finished. Maybe, one or two updates along the way, but not as many as before. I had terrible results, so yea.

See ya!
All the best!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

#243-Maroon & Me

Some random pictures of me and one of my bed.

Me reflectione.

I love my maroon-coloured bedsheet on my bed!!

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#242-Updated Setup, clean and tidy.

With inspiration from Nick Chan,, and since I couldn't concentrate on studying, I've decided to clean up my desk. It has a fresh new updated look and it's all arranged now.

New fresh updated look. I kept my Apple Keyboard and Mouse and will only take it out when I want to use it.

7-port USB hub, iPods on respective docks and the 2 Sony Ericssons.

Books and dictionary. Wait....Do you see something out of the ordinary???

Yep. It's my new Western Digital MyBook 500GB Home Edition External HDD.

Some chargers and a few strings/lanyards are now hung up.

Hannah Tan and Me.

SPM Timetable.

My most wanted camera, the Sony a300 Champagne Gold Limited Edition.

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#241-Capdase Flip-Top Leather Case for Sony Ericsson P1i

9 days ago, before I got my P1i back from service, I purchased a Capdase leather case for my P1i at Charlie Communications. I did not take it home with me until I got my P1i the following Wednesday. Hence, in the photos, you see both the leather case and my P1i.

It is made by Capdase. If you missed the title, it's called the Capdase Flip-Top Leather Case for Sony Ericsson P1i.

It's not too thick, so it'll fit in my pocket perfectly. So far, so good, the days which have gone by with me using the case.

The design of the case is like that of the case that comes with the Nokia N95. It flips down, and it has a magnetic latch to keep it closed.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

#240-Episode 11: Macro Shots, Sony DSC-W300

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#239-PhotoJournal Episode #1

I've decided to call the set of photos that I haven't posted and it's not worthy of a post by itself the PhotoJournal series. Here are the photos for the first episode.

My shadow and someone's toes.

In Cititel.

Had Japanese lunch here the other day.

Penang Road.

Penang Road again.

Cititel's lobby.

Some random back lane.

Washing the driveway.

Xaverian 2008 issue. Last issue of my school's mag that I'll ever get.

Digi's mascot!

Shopping in Cold Storage, Gurney Plaza.

Had this for the first time.

This is some Coco Pops topped with chocolate doughnut.

I like this shot. Whaddya think?

Long overdue vain shot of me :-)

New mini-tripod 1.

New mini-tripod 2.

New mini-tripod 3.

Banana bread from Rainforest bakery, Chulia Street.

R U Original?

Jam at Greenlane.

Some random design in Kim Gary.

Can anyone translate for me?

Island Plaza traffic lights.

Doing Maths.

Weird-face me.

3G camera.

iTunes playing Metro Station - Shake It.
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