Saturday, February 28, 2009

#304-Last day at English tuition.

Mrs. See is my grandaunt. She is also my English tuition teacher since I was in Standard 6. That was back in 2003. Then, in November 2008, it was time for me and the rest in my class to bid farewell to her (well, not me since I'm still her relative). So we had sort of like a mini farewell party. Most of her students turned up, some of them didn't.


That's Mrs. See! She's cutting a cake....

Mingling around.

Grandnephew and Grandaunt.

Aww..don't be shy, Chin Heng!

Group photo of her students who were present.

That's Penny.

Me, my grandaunt, Vanessa, Fione and Junie.

Edward and Me. Rowan is the one sitting down.

The normal picture.

The funny picture.

Mrs. See, Darchave and me.

Fione & Me.

Me & Vanessa.

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#303-Nice orangey-red coloured sky.

On the last day of my Maths tuition last year, I managed to capture a few pictures of the sky which looked amazing! It was like 7pm and the colour was so nice! It was like reddish-orangeish-purpleish.

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#302-iPod shuffle and iPod Radio Remote comparison

I have an 2G iPod shuffle. I also have the iPod Radio Remote. They both look almost the same. I believe the 2nd-gen iPod shuffle based it's design on the Radio Remote. Here are a comparison picture.

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#301-SXI 2008 Form 5's last day of school Part 3.

The third and final part of the photos taken on my last day as a Form 5 student of St. Xavier Instituition.

With friends Jimmy and Kok Lim.


My report card.

Prom tickets.

Two of my very best friends, Tameer and Kong Sun a.k.a Dex Mah.

That's Dhinesh.

Lee Wei Jian is the guy next to me.

Another picture of my class.

Siva, Me and the Chemistry teacher, Pn. Ang.

All getting ready to go back.

Mr. Choo, Head Disclipinarian.

Brother Paul, Headmaster.

Alex & Alex.

En. Nazri, my PE teacher.

En. Samynathan a.k.a. Uncle Sam, my Bahasa Malaysia teacher.

Mr. Liang, the Ed Board teacher.




That's Pn. Hamizul. I like to call her Triple H, because of her initials.

Pn. Gan, my English teacher.

Miss Mary Ann, my EST teacher.

The palm court.

Main corridor of the school, heading towards the back.

Main corridor of the school, heading towards the entrance.

The corridor leading to my class.

Eugene, a good friend of mine.

The quadrangle next to my class.

Place I used to wait for my mum.

The B.O.D motorcycle parking.

Staff parking area.

One of the many gardens in the school.

The porch.

Another picture with Adam.

The bigger staff parking area.

Art pieces by students and news stuff.

The hall.

Ping Pong court.

Another garden.

Going home.

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