Monday, May 4, 2009

#376-My 'new' iPod nano AGAIN!

I first bought a 8GB 4th-gen iPod nano in orange on the 23rd of December last year. It was to replace my 2 year old black 8GB 2nd-gen iPod nano. It is truly an awesome iPod. I even brought it to England with me. After 2 months of using it, on the 25th of February this year, I got it replaced at the iPod Bar at the Regent Street Apple Store because there was no sound coming out of the earphone jack. Last Thursday, 30th of April, I got it replaced AGAIN because the battery life on it was terrible. It would only last for less than a day or so. Even I have replaced it twice, I still like it so much! All three of them carried the same name which is AnnaLynne Alexandra.

iTunes playing Britney Spears - Circus.
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