Monday, May 18, 2009

#417-My new computer setup.

I just moved my computer setup around to the top of my clothes drawer so my desk has more space to let me study. I also cleaned part of my room in this process.

My new setup.

The left side has the left-channel Logitech Z4 Satellite Speaker, my Sony Ericsson P1i on it's dock and my Maxtor 250GB portable HDD I use as Time Machine.

My Apple Keyboard and Logitech Wireless Mouse setup.

The right side has the right-channel Logitech Z4 Satellite Speaker, the control pod for the Logitech speakers and my orange 4G iPod nano on the dock.

Right in the centre of the setup is obviously my MacBook Pro.

iTunes playing Pitbull feat. Casely - Midnight.
Sent from my MacBook Pro.


  1. You're one techie man, Alex. Your computer setup is very organized, and the way you arranged all your other gadgets is excellent. This setup allows you to see all your gadgets, as you can view them exactly where they're supposed to be. Those are some swell speakers you got, by the way.

  2. Hey bud, that's a very compact set up you made. Everything is in its place, and it only takes a very small space. Not to mention, it looks so neat. This set up is ideal for both working and gaming. ;D