Monday, May 18, 2009

#420-Hawker Food/Restaurant food I miss!

Apart from home-cooked food, I also do miss hawker food, food from restaurants, and some bakeries. Here are some of the pictures I could find in my photo library.

Chicken Rice from Hot Bowl on Abu Siti Lane.

This cafe on the way to the airport.

The rice with soup and fish from the kopitiam above.

Bread with butter and sugar from the same kopitiam.

Satay from the same kopitiam again.

Popiah from Northam Beach Cafe.

Sizzling Plate Noodles from Northam Beach Cafe again.

Mee Goreng and Murtabak from Hameediyah on Campbell Street.

Murtabak from the same Hameediyah.

Char Koay Teow from Padang.

Roti Bak Kua and Roti Luncheonmeat from Gurney Drive.

Lor Mee from the One Corner Cafe behind Giant.

Wan Tan Mee from Ah Beng's Kopitiam.

Doughnuts from Four Leaves in Gama.

Hokkien Mee from One Corner Cafe.

Roti Canai from somewhere.

Sugarcane Juice from the stall on Burmah Road near Poly Cafe.

Steamboat from the place near Gurney Drive (Gosh, I forgot the name!!).

Kangkung Belachan from the Hai Nan Town in Weld Quay.

Chok from the stall in Chowrasta Market.

Ee-Foo Mee from the kopitiam on Moulmein Road.

Muar Chee from any stall that sells it.

Yin Yong Drink from Kim Gary in Gurney Plaza.

Ang Hoay Loh and Perak Road.

Bak Ki soup.

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