Friday, May 22, 2009


1 is the name of my new blog. It's not like this blog. It's quite different from this blog, but the contents are roughly similar. What really is 1? Why did I call it 1?

Well, in 1, I post blogposts which are pretty shot and normally it will come with one picture only, one label explaining the whole post and there will be no "Sent from ......" or 'iTunes playing ......" sections. The posts will not be numbered or anything like that, I'll get straight to the title. It's based on the concept of my most influential blogger, Nick Chan's website, Go, where he posts picture on-the-go without a laptop. 1 aims to be something like that, but I am currently using my laptop to post the posts as I have no on-the-go blogging options currently. Maybe when I get back to Malaysia I'll have some OTG blogging options and hopefully by the time I come back to London after summer, I will have some OTG blogging options here too!

Btw, if you're confused, 1 is simply just another blog of mine, except it shows stuff that it is happening at the time of posting.

That's how the page looks like currently, it should be upgraded sometime in the future, but not now.

Official name and tagline; 1, The Quick One Photo Posts Blog By Alex Khoo.

How a post on 1 would look like, it's pretty much like how I explained above.

1, The Quick One Photo Posts Blog By Alex Khoo.

iTunes playing Bond - Kashmir.
Sent from my MacBook Pro.

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