Monday, May 25, 2009

#446-Exactly one more month before I go back!!!

Today exactly marks 30 days before I go back (or 1 month, if you prefer to call it that way). For the total of 175 days that I will be here from 1st January 2009 to 25th June 2009, I have been here for 145 days already! Time does fly this year. And come to think of it, I haven't been home for a day in Penang this year!

For all my friends who are interested to know when I'll be going back and *want to meet me at the airport*, hahaha, I am booked for 25th June SQ*** to Changi, MI**** to Penang (I blanked it out, come ask me on MSN or Facebook if you want to know, after mana tahu, the NS people stumbled across my blog, know when I'll be going back and will be waiting for me at the airport. -_-).

List of things to do;

1.)Hug my family (at the airport)?
2.)DRIVE THE HONDA (and others too!).
3.)EAT, EAT, EAT local food (home-cooked food, hawker food, cafes, etc.etc.).
4.)Hang out with friends (fun times soon).
5.)Sleep on my lovely bed (with my lovely silk blanket).
6.)Meet my old Windows Dell laptop (I kinda miss it, even though I have a Mac now).
7.)Go about Penang by driving (no more public transport!!).
8.)Meet my cars, introduce them to the one I have here (Cars, meet the Audi R8).
9.)Take more photos of Penang (maybe invest in a DSLR, *hint*).
10.)Buy a new phone (MAYBE ONLY, *hints*).
11.)Go for short roadtrips to KL and S'pore (MAYBE ONLY TOO).
12.)Make sure I don't do my own laundry (Hehehe).
13.)Make sure I don't do my own dishes (Hahaha).
14.)Cut my irritatingly long hair (It's been 5 months since the last cut!).
15.)Watch my recorded episodes of The Amazing Race 14 and 90210 (Recorded using Astro Max).

ETC. ETC. More things I can think of will be added later.

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