Monday, June 8, 2009

#479-New blog look and template.

Last night, I decided to give my blog a new look with a new layout, new template, new name, new widgets, new colours. This is how my 'old' blog looked like.

The old look.

That's my old blog header.

My old profile with the new Twitter widget installed.

Old chatbox.

How a post would look like with the old layout and look.

NetworkedBlogs widget and the number of people who read my blog counter.

Old wishlist and other sites section.

Old featured blogs section.

Old friends blogs section and blog archive.

And lastly, the old labels section.

Now here comes the new look! I changed the template to different one, changed the colours of the blog, deleted the NetworkedBlogs widget, renamed my whole blog, etc. etc.

The new look.

My new blog header. It was created using Pages on iWork '09.

New profile section and a bigger Twitter widget.

A new bigger chatbox and the visitor counter section.

My wishlist is now known as 'i wish for these', my other sites is now known as 'i have more sites' and the new featured blogs section.

My friends blogs are now known as either 'the boys' or 'the ladies' and my blog archive is now known as 'old stuff'.

New labels section.

How a new post would look like.

So what do you guys and girls think of the new look? Do mumble about it or leave a quick mumble in the chatbox, yea?

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