Thursday, June 11, 2009

#483-iPhone 3G S.

The latest re-incarnation of the iPhone, now called the iPhone 3G S was launched on Monday, 8th June 2009, at Apple's WWDC event in San Francisco. It is the third-gen iPhone and it succeeds the original iPhone which was launched in June 2007, and the iPhone 3G which was launched in July 2008. The iPhone 3G S is available in both 16GB and 32GB configurations and both models are available in black and white. The 8GB iPhone remains to be sold as the iPhone 3G 8GB.

The new iPhone 3G S brings a host of new features previously not available to both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G. First off, it uses a new OS dubbed the iPhone OS 3.0. With the new OS, the iPhone now has a Cut, Copy and Paste function, MMS (my phones since 2003 has MMS and Apple only introduced it in 2009!), a digital compass, an improved hardware performance with better battery life, the option to tether, an improved A-GPS module and improved language support (includes Malay too!). The camera on the iPhone 3G S is now 3 megapixels, vs. 2 megapixels for both the iPhone and iPhone 3G. The camera also now has a video recording function and autofocus but still no flash. Another function is the availability of a landscape keyboard during texting.

These are the prices for the Pay Monthly option. The price of the iPhone 3G 16GB vs. the iPhone 3G S 16GB on a £30 and £35 for 18 months contract increased by about £20. And as you can see, it's probably not worth it to get the £30/18mths contract as you don't get much minutes and messages with it.

Now, these are the prices for the Pay & Go (prepaid basically) option. Again the prices for the iPhone 3G S 16GB increased over the iPhone 3G 16GB, but this time it increased by almost £45!

Below are some screenshots taken from the Apple Online Store UK and the O2 UK iPhone page.

iTunes playing Blue - If You Come Back.
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