Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#491-Making pancakes, Alex style =).

I am a novice at cooking. Whatever I cook, I sometimes do not know what I put into the cooking as ingredients. I just add whatever I feel like. But this I certainly know what I'm doing, as I roughly knew how to make pancakes as I had a previous experience a couple of months ago.

First you need flour.

You don't have to add sugar, it's optional, I added it to see whether there was any difference in taste between having sugar and having no sugar.

Eggs are a must.

And so is milk.

When you mix all the four ingredients above, it will turn up like this;

Then obviously you make the pancakes on the pan, if not how are you going to cook it, eh?

Then you can serve with whatever toppings you want, fruits, ice-cream, chocolate spreads, etc. etc.

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