Friday, July 3, 2009

#519-Transformers 2 Outing.

Last Sunday, me, Delton, Sajendraa, Viknesh, Mark, Bernard, Chan Wai, Tsu Chuen, Chee Kit, and Alfred went out to watch Transformers 2 at Gurney Plaza. Had lunch at Pastamania first, then the movie, then McDonalds, and in the end we walked around until everyone went home.

Part of the gang at the rooftop carpark.Top; Viknesh, Chee Kit and Delton. Bottom; Chan Wai and Bernard.

Tsu Chuen and Alfred.

Viknesh, ugh!! LOL.

Delton and Bernard, candid.

Chan Wai refusing to take a photo and Chee Kit posing for the photo.

Sajendraa arriving.

Alfred and Delton after the movie.

Tsu Chuen.


Chee Kit.


Chan Wai still refusing to take a photo.

My man Delton.

Group photo #1, Chee Kit, Alfred, Chan Wai, Sajendraa, Delton, me, Mark, and Tsu Chuen.

Me and Sajendraa.

Group photo #2, Chan Wai, Bernard, Alfred, Mark, Tsu Chuen, Sajendraa, Delton, Chee Kit and me.

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