Wednesday, July 8, 2009

#524-Javin's farewell.

Last Friday, a few of us gathered for breakfast at Bali Hai along Gurney Drive for a friend's farewell. Friend in question is Javin, I knew him for quite sometime now. People who came included Ben, Jia Im, Javin, Neil and Kylie.

That's Kylie.

That's Kylie again and me trying to get into the picture.

Me and Kylie still behind the camera.

Top; Jia Im, Me, Neil and Ben Teoh. Bottom; Javin and Kylie.

Me, Neil, Ben, Javin and Kylie again.

Kylie's toooooooo weird.


Posing for Kylie's camera.

Posing for my camera.

Kylie's palm.

Neil caught in action watching cricket on the TV nearby.

Javin's Sony Ericsson C902 James Bond edition.

Me and Kylie.

Neil and Ben.

Yeoh Kylie.

Benjamin Teoh.

Neil Amin.

Javin Chan.


iTunes playing Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho).
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