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#543-Bon Odori Festival 2009, Penang / Overview.

Well, it's the time of the year again for the Bon Odori festival to take place. This year's celebrations were held yesterday which was the 18th of July 2009, from 6pm to 10pm. Like last year's festival, this year's one also consists of performances and food. This year, I see less people dressing up 'cosplay' style. But I still did see the usual crowds of Ah-Bengs, Ah-Lians, Lalas, photographers, police, Malays, Indians, Chinese, foreigners, etc. etc.

Comparisons between this year and last year;

Last year;
I went alone.
My parents dropped me off and picked me up.
I didn't have to worry about the traffic jams.
I didn't have to worry about parking spaces.
I didn't have to worry about my car.
I didn't get so much food.
I didn't watch the fireworks last year, went home early.
I didn't hang out much with any friends last year.
I didn't meet alot of friends last year.
I only took about 44 photos last year.

This year;
I went with Fione.
I drove myself and Fione to the Bon Odori.
I drove Fione home and Delton to McDonalds Greenlane to meet his parents.
I had a funtime waiting in the traffic jam.
I had to find a parking lot for my Honda TWICE.
I had to worry about my Honda.
Me and Fione got so much food, we couldn't finish it.
Me and Fione were just in time to watch the fireworks, we even recorded a video of it.
I hung out with a few more friends, apart from Fione.
I met more friends this year.
I took 57 photos and 4 videos this year.

Summary of what I did this year.

Around 6pm, I picked Fione up from her house. We then drove around, went back to my house to get some stuff, and then around 6.30pm, headed for Esplanade and parked at my ex-school. Took us about 35minutes to find a parking lot. We walked to the Esplanade, met Siva, his girlfriend, his friends and Alfred. After that, we got two booklets of tickets for the foodfair and walked around. Fione originally wanted to look at the souvenir stalls, but in the end we decided to buy some food and go back to my car to eat. When we went back to my car, Mr. Koay (my ex-school's head counselor), told me that I couldn't park my car in the school anymore. I moved the car out onto the road and parked by the side of my ex-school. Me and Fione then proceeded to start eating in the car while listening to music. Around 9.15pm-ish, we finished dinner and started to find another parking lot. Originally I wanted to park outside Honda Farquhar Street, but I was scared that my car would get scratched. So, I moved on and went searching around the Beach Street area for parking. Fione was like, 'Hurry up, it's almost 10pm, the fireworks are gonna start, anywhere we can park, just park and then walk to the Esplanade'. In the end, I finally decided to park my car at the Union Street multi-storey carpark and paid RM1 for the parking. As we entered the carpark, we heard the fireworks noise, and Fione was like 'HURRY UP!!'. We found the first parking lot available on the first floor of the carpark, parked, and rushed down the carpark ramps to the street to watch the fireworks. After the fireworks finished, Fione wanted to get some souvenirs, so we walked back to the Esplanade. Walked around, met up with Delton, Sajendraa, Adrian Yong, Tsu Chuen, and Alfred and hung out with them until we all went back. Fione bought a T-shirt for herself and also for me. Thanks Fi! We then went back to the car, took us about 15 minutes to get out of the carpark and a further 30 minutes to get out of the traffic jam. I then dropped Fione off at her house and Delton at McDonalds Greenlane to meet his parents.

List of people I met (including the ones mentioned above);

4.)Adrian Yong
6.)Tsu Chuen
11.)Yew Jia
12.)Wei Lun

This is just an overview of the Bon Odori festival for this year. Stay tuned for the photos!

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