Monday, July 20, 2009

#544-Bon Odori Festival 2009, Penang / Photos.

As promised, here are the Bon Odori photos. The food photos will be in another post though.

We watched the sunset while stuck in the traffic jam.

Spotted my first Malaysian-plate, and even better, my first Penang-plated, Chrysler 300C just next to the Esplanade last Saturday! Sorry for the blur image, Fione took it. =)

Back shot of the car. Again sorry for the blurry image. And do ignore the dangling stuff I have on my rear windscreen.

The Bon Odori tickets.

It costs RM20 per ticket and inside it comes with a pair of RM1, RM2, RM3 and RM4 coupons.

Look at the crowd!! It was packed like mad that day!

The people performing on the stage. Sorry for the blur picture, I zoomed in, didn't turn on the flash, and my hand was shaking slightly.

This looks slightly better then the previous picture.

Crowd at the food stalls area.

Another photo of the huge crowd.

The town hall building.

Sushi King stall.

Some random Japanese food stall.


Fireworks again.

Clockwise from the left; Tsu Chuen, Adrian, Me, Delton, Fione and Sajendraa. Adrian and Fione doesn't look quite ready to be in the photo.

Me and the Bon Odori T-Shirt Fione bought for me.

Fione and my Bon Odori T-Shirt. She bought one for herself too, but she was too lazy to take it out of the plastic. Sigh.

Candid Fione.

Candid Delton, Sajendraa refuses to be in the picture.

Candid Adrian, Alfred and a guy whom I knew, but I dunno his name.

Candid Alfred, Tsu Chuen and two random people at the back whom I do not know completely.

Another group photo, from L-R; Alfred, Tsu Chuen, Sajendraa, Delton, Adrian, Me and Fione.

Me shooting Delton, Delton shooting my camera in return and Sajendraa being 'scared'.

Me and Mark.

Where I parked in the Union Street carpark.

The jam after the festival finished. Thanks Delton, for taking this photo! Sorry for the blurry photo, it wasn't me who took the photo.

We were going the wrong way. AWESOME!

Delton took this photo. It is blurry, but I kinda like this photo. Dunno why.

The jam was terrible! Thanks to Delton for another blurry photo!

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