Monday, August 31, 2009

#638-Oil spill, HELP!

Haha. Nothing to worry about. It's just that I was driving the Volvo this evening and when I was reversing in the driveway going to go out of the gate, the car decided to smoke abit and oil was leaking from the bottom of the car. The steering suddenly became stiff and the power steering didn't work. So I guess the oil that spilled was the power steering oil and somehow the thing broke.

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#637-Stubborn cat?

My cat decided not to move it's butt even my car was in the driveway. So me and my mum sat in the car until the cat walked off.

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#636-Toyota Prius spotted in Penang.

Saw this Toyota Prius parked outside Baskin Robbins yesterday. It's on embassy plates and I believe it's a car from the Thai embassy.

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#635-Penang Times Square Ramadhan Bazaar visit.

During the month of Ramadhan, Muslims fast for I dunno what reason. But then, there will be these bazaars all around the place selling food. Some Muslims break their fast there, other people from other religions buy food from there to eat, etc. etc. What I like about these bazaars is that they have a wide variety of delicacies to choose from. This particular bazaar is located at the open area of Penang Times Square on Dato Kramat Road. There was also a flea market going on at that time when I was there yesterday.

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#634-From the 6th floor of Suntech multi-storey carpark.

On Saturday after sending Mark off at the airport, we went to Sunshine to eat at KFC. We parked at Suntech multi-storey carpark. Originally I thought the place where I parked was Sunshine's carpark, but it turns out I was wrong. But anyways, I had to park on the 6th floor as there was no other parking lots on the lower floors. After KFC, before leaving to Delton's house, I took photos of the view from the 6th floor of the carpark.

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#633-Driving to Sunshine Square.

After sending Mark off at the airport, me and Delton were hungry, so we decided to have some KFC at Sunshine Square. Thanks Delton for taking the photos of me driving.

P.S. Shuhail can't eat cause he's fasting for Ramadhan.

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#632-Mark's airport send-off.

Mark left for the UK last Saturday. I planned to go to the airport to send him off and I invited Delton and Delton invited Shuhail to come along.

Mark, Me, Delton and Shuhail.

Mark and Shuhail.

Mark and Me.

Saw a starfish at the check-in terminal's fish tank.

Mark's 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Thanks Mark, for the drink!

Got the Banana Chocolate drink for myself.

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#631-New shoes.

I wanted a pair of slip-on kind of shoes as an alternative to me wearing slippers everytime I go out. So last Friday after dinner, me and my parents went shopping for the shoes in Parkson, Gurney Plaza. Got this pair of Camel Active shoes for RM189.90.

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#630-Shopping at Tesco.

Did some monthly shopping at Tesco on Saturday. Got alot of stuff till 1 trolley was packed to the max =).

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