Sunday, August 2, 2009

#572-The BBQ Party.

The BBQ we had yesterday was fun. Started out with a movie trip to Gurney Plaza with Delton and Shuhail. We watched The Proposal together. I give it a 7.5/10. Then, we hung out at Starbucks for awhile before heading home. Some relatives we at my house already as we reached, and Kylie came soon after. Took Delton, Shuhail, Kylie, the Pani twins on a joyride in my old 1987 Volvo 240GL as soon as all of them finished eating. Around 9.15pm, the same group of us went out to buy some sparkling drinks and we decided to go to Cold Storage in Gurney Plaza as the selection in Bandar Baru wasn't that good. the party ended around 11.00pm. Thanks to all who came for the party! My friends who came include; Delton, Shuhail, Kylie, Tameer and Saameer Pani, Shu Lin, Fione, Adam, Lin Hin, Jacky, Ben Cheah, Wei Jian, and Mark.

Driving into Gurney Plaza.

Shuhail the douchebag =D. Hahahahahahha.

Me and Delton's garlic bread.

My ham and sausage baked rice.

Me and Delton's ?Chicken Basil? pizza.




Where we parked in Gurney.

Food at the table.

Shuhail, Kylie and Delton.

The BBQ pit.

The BBQ stuff.

Had to sit inside the house cause it was raining on and off yesterday night.

Shuhail and the Pani twins.



Bringing Delton, Kylie, Shuhail, Saameer and Tameer on a joyride in the Volvo.

Delton, astonished by something.

Tameer on the left, Saameer on the right.

Turning into somewhere.

Tameer, trying out my Volvo.

Tameer, acting like the Volvo's his. LOL. I kinda like the lights in this shot.

Mum's Black Forest Cake.

My plate of food.

Shu Lin looking happy, Kylie looking sad.

BBQ pit on fire.

Tameer and me. Sorry for the blur pic. We never bothered with the clear-ness of the photo at that time.

Me and Shu Lin. Sorry for the blur pic. We never bothered with the clear-ness of the photo at that time.

Shu Lin, me and Adam.

Shu Lin, me and Adam, all of us trying to be higher then each other.

Tameer, Saameer, Shuhail and Kylie. We were in Gurney's basement carpark at that time.

Tameer, me, Saameer and Delton. The twins were going home already.

Me, Shu Lin and Jacky. Jacky was a party crasher. Lol. But he was invited in anyways.

Mum's mushroom soup.

Me with one of the sparkling juices that we bought.

Opening the bottle.

Random shot of the bottle cap.

Ben's Megan Fox home screen wallpaper on his 32GB iPod touch.

Me and Shu Lin again.

Adam, me and Jacky.

Wei Jian, me, Lin Hin, Ben Cheah and Mark.

Shuhail and Delton.


Fione, me and Kylie.

Trying to take a group photo #1.

Group photo success! Guys are Shuhail, me and Delton. Girls are Fione and Kylie.

Watching: 24, S7 E18 (1.00am-2.00am).
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