Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last Tuesday, I was at the market as usual being a driver to my mum. I was browsing through The Star newspaper and I came across an article in Section Two about how to win free passes by R.AGE to watch The Saturdays live in Penang! I was overjoyed and immediately after I arrived home that morning, I went to my laptop, opened a Facebook page and followed the instructions on how to win the free pair of passes. I was very very happy when I knew I won the pair of passes that evening. The event was held at MOIS Club on Upper Penang Road, opposite the E&O Hotel Penang. I WAS SOOOOOOO HAPPPY WHEN I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THEM LIVE, AND THEY WERE LIKE RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!

THE SATURDAYS poster with their official sponsors.

I LOVE THEMM!!!!!!!!!

Tons of disco balls in the right place, a club.

The stage where they performed.

For the record, I do not have blue hair, that's just the lighting in the club making my hair look blue.

Me and Vennila, I offered her my other free ticket.

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Una, Rochelle and Vanessa!!!

4/5ths of THE SATURDAYS!!! Mollie's missing.

Mollie, Frankie, Una and Rochelle!!!

Them 4 lovely girls!!!! You can see a little of Vanessa on the right side of the photo.

Performing If This Is Love from their debut album Chasing Lights.


The girls doing their thing! Una's blocked by Frankie.

Just can't get enough of them!!!!

Mollie King!!!!!!

Una Healy!!!!!!

Rochelle Wiseman!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! THE SATURDAYS!!!!!!!!!!

The girls AGAIN!

Frankie Sandford!!!!!!

Una, Vanessa, Mollie and Rochelle.

Rochelle and Frankie.


Rochelle again.

Una and Vanessa.

Una and Vanessa again.

Vanessa, Mollie and Rochelle.

Mollie, Rochelle and Frankie.

Una, Vanessa and Mollie.

Mollie, Rochelle and Frankie again.

The Saturdays @ MOIS Club Penang.

Another group photo of them.

Rochelle, Frankie and Vanessa.

Rochelle and Frankie.

Mollie and Rochelle.

Frankie, Vanessa and Una.

Mollie and Rochelle.

THE SATURDAYS!!! @ MOIS Club Penang.

Another group photo of the gorgeous girls!

I think they were interacting with the crowd at this point.

Performing Up.

Rochelle and Frankie.

The same two as above, this time with Vanessa.

List of songs they sang that night. All from their Chasing Lights album.

Signing autographs on posters for fans! SIGH, I DIDN'T HAVE THE CHANCE TO GET ONE!!! :(

Another photo of them signing posters and CDs.

I want either a poster or CD!!

Rochelle leaving the club.

Una and Vanessa leaving the club.

Vennila and me again.


iTunes playing The Saturdays - Set Me Off.
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