Monday, August 24, 2009

#618-Mark's farewell.

Mark, one of my good friends, is leaving for the UK this Saturday. So yesterday, we had a farewell party for him in Gurney. It started off with watching the movie Up at Gurney's GSC with myself, Siva, Siva's girlfriend Jessica, Tsu Chuen, Delton, Alfred, Travis, Chan Wai, and Mark. The movie was good and both Delton and me gave it 9/10. After the movie, Mark met up with his brother and we had sometime before the rest of the company came, so we walked around. At about 6.30pm, Tameer, Saameer, Shuhail and Miss Juanita completed the party of 14 for Mark's farewell. We had our dinner at McDonalds Gurney and it was a whole lot of fun just sitting there cracking jokes and talking about random stuff.

Tsu Chuen and Mark.


Travis and Chan Wai.

Mark and Delton.

Delton who looks like Denzel, except Delton ain't black.

Me and Mark.

Miss Juanita, who came after the movie, and Mark.

Tameer and Tsu Chuen.

The Pani twins who came after the movie too.

Chan Wai, Travis, Shuhail, Delton and Saameer.

Shuhail, who came after the movie, Delton and 1/4 of Saameer's face.

Laughing away.....

Mark, Chan Wai and Travis.

At McDonalds, our dinner place of choice.

Alfred and his Canon 1000D.

My tray of McD's.


Tameer and Shuhail's 'date'.

Shuhail's iPhone.

It's the 1st-gen iPhone 16GB man!

Siva staring at Alfred for something. The rest?, well, staring at Siva.

Good times, had alot of fun.

Candid of Miss Juanita.

Me, Mark and Alfred. Don't ask me about my eyes...errr...err...

Saameer, Me, Delton, Tameer, Shuhail, Chan Wai and Travis.

Failed group shot.

Sitting (From L-R), Me, Delton, Chan Wai, Travis, Shuhail, Mark, Tameer, Tsu Chuen, Saameer, Shaun.
Kneeling (From L-R), Miss Juanita, Alfred, Siva and Jessica.

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