Friday, August 28, 2009

#628-18th birthday wishlist.

I know my 18th birthday will only be in 1 month and 26 days time, but here is my 2009 birthday wishlist. BTW, my birthdate is 24th Oct. So remember your presents for me!! =D.

1.) New phone; A Blackberry Curve 8900 or a Sony Ericsson W995 would do. An iPhone 3GS 32GB would be a real surprise though. =D

2.) New camera; I don't mind a DSLR. Either the Sony a330 or Canon 500D. Or if I get a compact, it would be the Canon Digital IXUS 200IS. =D

3.) An IKEA desk. My current desk is big and I really want one of those plain and simple looking desks from IKEA.

4.) An external widescreen display for my laptop. Maybe a Samsung 22-inch or a Dell 22-inch?

That's all for now. Will update here if I got anymore wishes!

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