Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#650-Random ramblings....

Well I have a lot of stuff to talk about. Instead a clogging up my Twitter account, I've decided to compile all the stuff-to-talk-about into a blogpost, then tweet this blogpost. You know? The kind where I post a link, then say New blogpost - ............

Here it goes people;

1.)My camera, my Sony DSC-W300, my handy-dandy pocket camera, is in service. Why? The battery cover/door/whatever you wanna call it is loose and I sent it in for the engineers to check before I have my (refer to No 2.). I'm currently using my mum's Sony DSC-T9 (which was actually my 2nd camera [My W300 is my 4th camera]) but I don't like using it.

See the part where I am pointing to? The LCD screen on the camera is scratched. I dunno why? The photos still turn out alright though. Ah. Two more things about this camera. The colour resolution on the camera isn't as good as my W300 and quality of the photos isn't as good. I can still live with it though. Hopefully I will get my W300 back in the next few days. Gotta KIV for something on Sunday.

2.)I might go down on a wonderful and fun roadtrip soon. Like very soon. So I need my W300. Although for this epic roadtrip, I wish I would have a DSLR with me. Maybe a.....

.....Canon EOS 500D or.....

.....a Sony a330.

3.)I've been contacted by WOM World Nokia to review a Nokia E75. I replied to their initial e-mail, now I'm waiting for a reply. If I do succeed, I'll be a phone reviewer! Man, I'm excited.

4.)My mum's 1994 E36 BMW 325i is valued at RM16,000! Man that's RM100,000 depreciation in 15 years. The car was bought in Sept 1994 for RM160,000. Now in Sept 2009, it is only RM16,000. Darn.

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