Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#677-BMW Jump for Joy commercial.

Two BMW commercials. The first one shows people doing mild stretching and then jumping into their BMWs. There is a white E70 X5, a black E93 3-Series convertible, a grey-green F07 5-Series GT, a beige E88 1-Series convertible. The second video is an extended version of the first one, and it shows the neighbour of the couple with the 3-Series peering out of his window looking at the couple jump into the car. He then, on his own, attempts to jump into his Audi A4 and fails. A dark blue E89 Z4 then pulls up across the road, honks, and drives off. I like this commercial. =)

iTunes playing Ludacris feat. Chris Brown and Sean Garrett - What Them Girls Like.
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