Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#678-ROAD TRIP Sept 2009 PT.1 ~ Leaving Penang for KL.

On the 15th-24th of September, I wasn't in Penang. Me, my brother and my parents went on a holiday to Genting, KL and Singapore. On the first day, we left Penang for KL at 6.59am. We had to leave early because of an appointment we had at 12.15pm.

Early in the morning. Woke up at 5.30am that day.

The car was packed full!

Starting mileage.

Starting time.

Green Lane - an early morning traffic.

Coastal Highway.

Leaving Penang.

Penang Bridge.

Usual setup in the car - iPod and Smart Tag machine.

Reached the Kedah border at 7.43am.

Kuala Lumpur - 295km.

Perak border - 7.48am. Sorry for the blur photo. The car was moving fast.

SPAM sandwich.

Sungai Perak Bridge.

Mileage at Tapah R&R.

Passed the Selangor border at 10.06am. I forgot to turn of Macro mode, hence the blur photo.

iTunes playing Nelly feat. Ashanti and Akon - Body On Me.
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