Saturday, October 3, 2009

#671-Uncle's wedding dinner at Bayview Hotel, Penang.

Last Saturday, which was the 26th of September 2009, me, my brother and my parents attended a wedding dinner held at Bayview Hotel on Farquhar Street in town. It was the wedding dinner for a relative of mine. If I'm not wrong, he's my grandmother's cousin's son. Hence, my uncle's wedding. Fetched my granduncle, another granduncle and my grandaunt to the wedding. Reached there around 6.30pm, just in time for the tea ceremony. Also, I reconnected with some relatives that I haven't met in years!


Me and my aunt.

Our table number.

The groom.

Two granduncles and a grandaunt.

Slideshow of the wedding couple's photos.

One of my many granduncles and a friend.

My 'aunt', but I do not call her aunty as she's too young to be called an aunty.

One friend, four relatives.

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