Sunday, November 1, 2009

#716-Is this a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG?

It has the proper badging, and looks and whatnot, but as I looked at the roadtax, it only said the car has a 2996cc engine, whereas the S65 AMG should have a 5980cc engine. One can fit the bodykit, exhaust pipes, and badging as an aftermarket fit. So, up to you people to decide, is it an S65 AMG, or just a plain jane S300 dressed up to look like an S65 AMG? P.S., only the owner knows the real answer I guess.

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  1. you shud hv looked at the steering to see if it has paddles at the back.

    but if you ask me it is a S300. the tail pipes are a giveaway; those are not the 65's design. ;)

  2. i know the owner. rich guy. lives in section 5, pj. it's not the real stuff. but he certianly had something better, a bentley continental flying spur, rolls royce silver shadow, e39 m5, golf gti, nissan skyline gt-r r34, estima, bmw 540i e60 but badged as M5 (has the full fledged well done hartge bodykits though), a e39 M5 which he just bought a month ago.

  3. a decade ago, he used to have 2 porsche 911 (993). but i guess his sons wrecked it (they are still wrecking the cars they own currently)

  4. fake fake fake. the brakes are not amg at all.