Wednesday, November 4, 2009

#723-A visit to Auto City for Mean Machines 2009.

I first heard about this event on Facebook when someone invited me to go for the event. I clicked on maybe, but in the end I attended it nevertheless. It was held last Saturday at Auto City in Juru from 12pm - 12am. So I left my house on Penang Island at about 4.30pm, went to take petrol before leaving for Juru. I had a minor accident with another CR-V on the highway exit leading to Auto City and I paid him off with RM70. It was my fault anyways. I hit his tyre wall (the CR-V was the first-gen when it still had the tyre on the boot). The event was so-so only, I didn't explore much because it was raining and I was all wet and plus the minor accident got me into a no mood guy. However, I was armed with my new DSLR and I did take some photos there.

Photos taken with my Canon EOS 500D.
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