Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#740-ROAD TRIP Sept 2009 PT.26 ~ 2nd-gen Honda Crossroad vs. 3rd-gen Honda CR-V.

I went to the Singapore Expo Centre to attend the Super Import Nights motorshow held there. I parked beside this other Honda Crossover SUV, the Honda Crossroad. So happens that both of them are black! The Crossroad was introduced in Japan, the sole market for the car, in February 2007. It's the first generation of this bodystyle, but the Crossroad name has been used before on the rebadged Land Rover Discovery Series I sold in Japan as the Honda Crossroad from 1993 to 1998. Hence, I call this 2007-onwards model, the second generation Honda Crossroad. The Crossroad is actually a much shorter car than the CR-V, having a length of 4285mm compared to the CR-V's 4520mm. However in the wheelbase length, height and width, the Crossroad's numbers are longer, higher and wider than the CR-V. The Crossroad's numbers, 2700mm, 1669mm and 1775mm vs. the CR-V's 2620mm, 1680mm, 1680mm.

Photos taken with my Sony DSC-W300.
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