Tuesday, November 24, 2009

#756-ROAD TRIP Sept 2009 PT.37 ~ Random Singapore photos.

The hotel we stayed at.

The new Merc E-Class Saloon. This is an E300.

The new Merc E-Class Coupe. This is an E350.

Complimentary apples.

Me and my aunt's dog Oso.

Cute, eh?

Parking coupon in Singapore.

111, 111.

Got a drink from BK after my walk at the mouth of Singapore River.

Some Wii accessories my brother got in Singapore.

Some actress by the name of Jesseca Liu.

Some randoms bushes in front of Wheelock Place.

Another drink, this time from McDonalds.

Two movies I wanted to watch. One I watched already, Jennifer's Body, the other one, New Moon, will be released in Malaysia this Friday.

10 numbers different.

Photos taken with my Sony DSC-W300.
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