Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#345-Random Photo Booth photos

Just some random photos I have in my Photo Booth gallery on my Mac.

Just some random pictures of me, my friends, my stuff, my gadgets and random stuff.

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#344-Along the Waterloo Bridge.

On Sunday, me, my brother and his friends went to Waterloo to watch Watchmen at the IMAX theatre. The movie was ok actually. Before that, both of us met his friends at a restaurant called Cafe Rouge for dinner which is over the other side of the Thames River in Holborn. So after parking at a car park near the theatre, we took our time to walk across the Waterloo Bridge to the restaurant and take pictures along the way.

After dinner, all of us headed back to the bridge to cross it again to go back to Waterloo to get to the IMAX theatre. Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry, but I kinda like how the pictures turned out.

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#343-Top Gear UK April 2009 issue.

Just earlier today, I went shopping at Sainsbury's, a supermarket similar to Tesco. I went to the magazine section and I came across next month's issue of Top Gear, so I bought it. Apart from the magazine itself, the package also came with Best Of The Stig DVD and a pack of chewing gum.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

#342-Proton Waja spotted on the streets of London.

I saw this Proton Waja, over here they call it the Proton Impian, somewhere near my college yesterday.

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#341-Random pictures from the 17th to the 21st of March 2009.

Just some random pictures which I'm lazy to put into individual blogposts.

(17/03/2009), Something to freshen me up.

(17/03/2009), I made these sandwiches. Looks tasty, no?

(18/03/2009), Saw this Saudi Arabian-plated BMW 6-series on my way to college.

(18/03/2009), Saw this Malaysian flag hanging outside Corus Hotel London.

(18/03/2009), The sunset.

(19/03/2009), The sign of spring.

(19/03/2009), Lunch at The Japanese Canteen.

(20/03/2009), Some no-leaves trees near my friend's apartment.

(20/03/2009), One of the Hyde Park entrances from across the road.

(20/03/2009), Coffee Frap.

(20/03/2009), Cute dog? The owner went into Harrods for shopping.

(20/03/2009), That's Harrods for you who don't know how it looks like.

(20/03/2009), Outside the Malaysian Embassy.

(20/03/2009), Took this picture while waiting for the bus.

(21/03/2009), My Mango drink from Boost.

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