Saturday, January 16, 2010

#779-College Update and Happy New Year!

Welcome to the year 2010! I realised I haven't made a post saying Happy New Year and whatever, but here is mine now, 16 days into the new year and new decade.

First off, I have started college, locally this time. I decided A-Levels was a little too hard for me and when my AS results were sent to me back in August 2009, I decided to stay back in Penang to study. Some of you might think that since I live only a minute away from Disted-Stamford College that that college is my college of choice, but no. I chose INTI International College Penang instead which is roughly a 30km round trip everyday for me. I love it there, met some new friends, some old friends are there too! I enrolled myself into AUP, which stands for American University Programme. 2 years here and 2 years in the US. My preferred major would be Business and in my first semester I am taking four subjects;

English Composition 1, ENL101.
Concepts of Calculus, MAT121.
Introduction to Business Administration, MGT101.
College Chemistry, CHM141.

Secondly, how has everyone's new year been? I'm waiting for Chinese New Year which is in less than a month!! I can't wait for that period, it's a fun time for family/relatives gathering and house visits. Plus we get $$$ in the form of 'ang paus' =)

I think that should be it for now, just a short life update.

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