Sunday, March 28, 2010

#811-Thai Trip Oct 2009 PT.19 ~ When I'm alone in the hotel room.

Well, on the last night that we were in Chiang Mai/Thailand, I didn't follow my parents and our family friends to the temple for the meditation session. Instead, after lunch, we all went back to the hotel and took a rest. They left around 4.30pm, while I stayed back, took a shower, walked along the road in front of my hotel as the stall owners were setting up stall for the daily night bazaar, went back to the hotel, watched CSI and ate leftover pizza and onion rings from lunch, and finally went out to get some things from the bazaar. I only took photos when I was in the hotel though. ;)

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

#810-Thai Trip Oct 2009 PT.18 ~ Some Chiang Mai restaurant.

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this restaurant. It was somewhere our van driver brought us for lunch after a long morning at the temple. The food was ok, I will cover what we ordered in my food blog. The restaurant is made mostly of wood, and there are trees surrounding it. The location of the restaurant was good also as it is located next to a river.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

#809-Thai Trip Oct 2009 PT.17 ~ Travelling on Chiang Mai's roads.

So, we went to Chiang Mai for 4 days back in October. We did a fair share of travelling on Chiang Mai roads, as the temple that we were going to visit was about an hour's drive from the hotel. We also went to other places in Chiang Mai, so here are the photos.

Chiang Mai airport.

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#808-Thai Trip Oct 2009 PT.16 ~ The Chiang Mai countryside.

Back to a long overdue Thai Trip post! It's been awhile since I posted about my Thai Trip, so here it is. I take you through Chiang Mai's countryside as we go to a temple, dubbed the 'Temple of The Big Buddha', somewhere in the middle of the countryside. The photos were taken over a few days as we go back and forth from the temple to the hotel.

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