Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#803-PREVIEW for upcoming posts!

A preview post of what's coming up in the next few posts.

-What's left of my Thailand Trip back in October 2009.
-My uncle's wedding in November 2009.
-An outing with friends in December 2009.
-The monks' visit up to Penang Hill in January 2010.
-Chinese New Year 2010.
-My recent KL trip, 1st weekend of March 2010 (not much, only a few photos).
-My recent Singapore trip, 2nd weekend of March 2010.
-Friend's RedBox birthday celebration on 8th March 2010.
-All the random posts regarding college life and whatnot.

Sorry if my blog is dead. I've been busy + I've no mood to blog! LOL.

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