Saturday, April 24, 2010

#841-2010 Honda Freed.

A few days ago, I went my local Honda showroom, Kah Motors on Farquhar Street, to have a look at the all-new in Malaysia for 2010, Honda Freed. It's a Honda imported from Indonesia, and it is priced at RM112,800 for the only trim available, called 1.5E. It uses the same engine and transmission as the Honda City/Honda Jazz sold in Malaysia, the L15A engine mated to a 5-speed Automatic transmission. It produces 118bhp and 146Nm of torque. The length of 4215mm makes it longer than the other two 7-seater mini-MPVs on sale in Malaysia, the Toyota Avanza (4120mm) and the Perodua Alza (4205mm). A premium competitor, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class has a length of 4270mm. The Freed is the only car in it's class to have dual powered sliding doors, a feature normally found on higher-end luxury MPVs like the Honda Elysion and Toyota Alphard.

This car drives well, I like the seating position (maybe cause I'm used to driving a CR-V already), I like the huge windscreen, and the power delivery of the car is pretty good as well.

Enjoy some photos of the car as well as a walkaround tour of the car and starting it up.

2010 Honda Freed on Flickr.


Photos taken with my Canon EOS 500D.
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