Sunday, May 23, 2010

#880-'Lok Lok' Day, May 2010 freshman seminar.

Last week was the start of the May semester for AUP students at INTI. I'm skipping this semester, so I don't have to go to college for the start of the semester. It was also the start for the May 2010 intake AUP students. Last Thursday, there was a freshman seminar for the new intakes and a steamboat session for those who want to eat as well. I went there, I met a group of my friends as well as the seniors.

'Lok Lok' Day, May 2010 freshman seminar on Flickr.

It was held in the dining hall. Hello Marcus!
Harry and Kelvin posing.
Mr. Wong, head of the AUP programme.
Marcus getting a massage from Edwin. The rest looking on except Viki.
May intake students. Small group compared to the January 2010 or March 2010 intake.

Photos taken with my Canon EOS 500D.
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