Sunday, May 30, 2010

#886-The November Wedding: 28/11/2009.

The wedding day was on the 28th of November last year. I was paid RM100 by my granduncle to take photos, so I was there early in the morning to follow the convoy of my uncle and his friends to fetch the bride. After a few tricks and whatnot to enter the house, get up to the 2nd floor, and to open the bride's room door, he finally got to his wife and after that was straight to the Methodist church (My uncle decided to convert) somewhere in PJ. After the wedding and lunch at the church, it was back to my uncle's house in Damansara for the tea ceremony. After that I didn't follow the convoy back to the bride's house for their part of the tea ceremony. I went back to the hotel, walked around in 1Utama, and at night went for dinner with my other granduncle and grandaunt, their children (my uncle and aunts), my granduncle and grandaunt and uncles that flew from Australia for the wedding and also my parents.

The November Wedding: 28/11/2009 on Flickr.

The main wedding car.
Early morning; getting ready at my uncle's house.
Somewhere near the bride's house, waiting for the signal so we all can move.
Heh, my uncle negotiating with the bride's people to enter the house.
Entered the compound of the house ONLY, not the actual house yet.
More tricks before being able to enter the house.
Finally entering the house.
More tricks on the ground floor before being able to proceed to the second floor.
Outside the bride's room, final negotiation.
Finally able to see the bride.
The friends, relatives and family of the bride.
The official marriage signing ceremony or whatever you call it.
My uncle, aunt, the bridesmaids and bestmen.
My granduncle saying something to his daughter-in-law. =)
Dinner at night, my granduncle, grandaunt and uncles from Australia.

Photos taken with my Canon EOS 500D and Sony DSC-W300.
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