Friday, September 17, 2010

#922-BMW Innovation Day 2010.

It's an event organized by BMW Malaysia to let customers and non-customers test drive some of the latest and most powerful models from BMW. They're all around Malaysia in different states, with each dealer from the state hosting the event. 28th/29th August was the dates where it was Auto Bavaria Penang's turn to host the event. It was held in Batu Kawan Stadium in mainland Penang. Went there on Sunday the 29th with my parents and granduncle. We booked the 9am-12noon session. Me and my dad got to drive the 325i Convertible and the 335i Coupe while my mum and granduncle drove the X5 xDrive35i and Z4 sDrive23i.

The cars were divided into two groups. I'm not sure how they catergorised the groups, but Group 1 was less powerful cars, whereas Group 2 were the cars equipped with the 3.0litre twin turbo BMW engine.

The list of cars (group 1) include;
1.) BMW 118i (lead car)
2.) BMW 320d
3.) BMW 325i Convertible
4.) BMW 325i Performance Edition
5.) F10 BMW 523i
6.) BMW Z4 sDrive23i
7.) BMW 730Li

The list of cars (group 2) include;
0.) BMW 325i Performance Edition (lead car)
8.) BMW 135i Coupe M-Sport
9.) BMW 335i Coupe M-Sport
10.) BMW Z4 sDrive35is
11.) BMW X5 xDrive35d
12.) BMW X5 xDrive35i
13.) BMW X1 xDrive20d

There was also Driver's Training, where an instructor will teach you how to go through a slalom, and do an emergency brake. The cars provided were BMW 320d's. Overall, the event was fun, I had fun with the 335i Coupe! We got to drive and test the engine to the max on the North-South Highway without worries of speed traps and traffic summons. The engine note and the handling of the 335i Coupe is just awesome.

BMW Innovation Day 2010 on Flickr.

Manager of Auto Bavaria Penang giving a speech.
Whole line of the cars available.
Inside the 325i Convertible.
At one of the rest stops along the way back, changing drivers time!
Sweet car!!
Chasing the 135i Coupe and 325i Performance Edition.
One good-looking Z4.
Posing in the 335i Coupe.
There were MINIs there as well!
The Driver's Training Car.

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