Monday, November 22, 2010

#945-Tabitha's birthday dinner.

Taking a quick rest from studying, so I'm here blogging for a little while.

Anyways, last month, on the 13th, a few of us gathered at Wen Han's house to celebrate Tabitha's birthday. Tab is someone I met in college, and to my surprise, she shares the same birthdate as me! First time actually meeting someone with the same birthdate as me. =) So, Wen Han as the host, pretty much did everything for us, including cooking, hosting, and letting us have a good time! I was the photographer for the night and YUU was the videographer for the night.

Tabitha's birthday dinner on Flickr.

Yuu, Me and Tabitha.
Trying to get Kelly to take a photo.
At the dinner table.
Wen Han the host, that's Chai Chai on the right.
Natalie, Soon Keat and Zuan Fu supposed to be acting out something for losing the game of 'Can'.
Now it was my and Yuu's turn to act out as husband and husband if I remember correctly.
Aaron and Chai Chai supposed to be 'dancing'.
Everyone feasting on the cake.
Group photo!

Photos taken with my Canon EOS 500D.
iTunes playing Ke$ha - Sleazy.
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