Sunday, May 22, 2011

#956-May timetable. =)

So I've not blogged for sometime d.....!!! Ahhh....wait la, busy busy. Hopefully my mood to blog will be back soon.

The May 2011 semester for my course in INTI Penang starts tomorrow. =) Gonna be taking COM112 and HIS251 for this semester and it runs for 7 weeks, with an additional study week and exam week. Total 9 weeks, so it should end 22nd July.

Here's my timetable;

Monday, 10am-12noon, COM112,
3pm-5pm, HIS251.

Tuesday, 10am-12noon, HIS251,
4pm-6pm, COM112.

Wednesday, 1pm-3pm, HIS251.

Thursday, 12noon-2pm, COM112.

Friday, 8am-10am, HIS251,
3pm-5pm, COM112.

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